You, Issue 7

Summer Lovin’

For many of us, summer is a time of fun, friends, and lovin.’ Just the simple act of thinking about summer puts a smile on our faces and a little excitement for the unknown in our hearts.

Why is that?

The idea of summer loves be it the puppy love of teenage years or just our pure love affair with an escape from our everyday lives- summer and love go hand in hand because we as human beings crave variety and love. That’s human nature.

Plus love them or loathe them, the reality TV show Jersey Shores has us all socially scarred as we secretly want to experience or at least witness the summer shenanigans and support that was the “Jersey” life.

And though we are hardwired as well as socially primed for variety and love, many of our responses to our brands this time of year is to put them on the proverbial shelf and let them collect dust till the fall. We neglect them. We view our brands as something to escape from vs something that creates excitement and love.

Far too often as entrepreneurs, we treat our brands as third party corporate entities, not the creative expressions that we pilot.

So as summer begins let’s focus on showing our brands and bottom lines some summer lovin’ and adventure.