Style, Issue 7

How Your Style Accelerates Your Success

I have always found it ironic that society has touted that looks don’t matter, yet we are instinctually obsessed with celebrities and their looks. The truth is what you wear, how you look, and how you hold yourself completely influence your level of success.
And though that may sound harsh, we all know it to be true. Just check yourself next time you are wearing an outfit that you feel like a rockstar in. You hold yourself differently, walk differently, and talk differently. You exude confidence and most likely a little sex appeal too.


I would bet it is because you were embodying your Soul Style®.

Your Soul Style® is the unique combination that fully expresses who you are and what you are about from your personal style. More than just fashion, your Soul Style® is about embodying your deepest beliefs and perspectives on the outside. Making your clothes more than about fashion or necessity and transforming them into your personal calling card attracting to you the people,
opportunities, experiences, and income you truly desire.

Your Soul Style® is as unique as you are. No two are exactly alike.

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