Issue 2

Style, Issue 2

Accessories win


Want to upgrade your wardrobe fast?

Want to have an instant conversation starter?

Want to always look AMAZZING in every single pic?

Want your most basic wardrobe pieces to look pulled together?

Then you need some accessories my friend.

Now accessories: necklaces, earrings, pins, belts, hairpieces run the gamut in style and price.

Let me share with you a little known secret that one of my New York City set stylist shared with me.

Babble Bar.

Babble Bar has been around for a few years now. Originally an online store selling statement accessories on the cheap. Now they have expanded to a higher end Nordstrom collection and a less expensive collection called Sugarfix available at Target.

What Babble Bar does great is make trends wearable.

Plus because of their cost effective price point you aren’t afraid - at least financially- about trying a trend out.

So what accessories should you invest in?

Here is my list.

1. Everyone needs a good statement necklace. And once you know the style that works best for you: choker, bib, strand, etc- invest in a quality, classic one.

2. One statement earring and one classic stud. Go as bold or as subtle as you want here. And when it comes to cost- invest in what you need to so that you can wear the earrings all day.

3. Go with rings OR bracelets. Whichever you prefer go with that one.

Now if you are thinking about cutting this list short, don’t. This is the perfect accessory trifecta because it brings the viewer's eye from your face to your neck to your hand. So yes, a full body scan occurs giving you the time to make a powerful and complete impression on your viewer.

When in doubt. Don’t skip out. Buy the accessory.