Interior Design

Style, Issue 10

What tech does to a space


Interior Design

Our spaces, be them our homes or our offices, are meant to be nurturing, connecting, rejenative and supportive. Our spaces should make us and our relationships better. But for many of us this is no longer the case.  

Our devices haven’t just taken over our relationships and our one on one time. They have taken over our spaces. From TV’s to USB charging outlets, cellphones, tablets, and laptops- we have numerous devices that don’t just need power, but also need access. Nothing is more true than in our workspaces.

So how do you design a functional and beautiful space that still has all of your tech needs covered?

  1. Multitask. Choose furniture with charging stations, usb ports, and built in storage areas. From Ikea to Etsy whatever your style is, there is a piece of furniture for  that.

  2. Everything has its place. When everything has its place, the quality of items seems less overwhelming. Make sure to have a designated charging area for your devices. And just like with your keys, create a designated area where your devices always go to when not in use.

  3. Slim down when possible. The truth is our multiple devices repeat a lot of tasks. Do we need a TV and a tablet? Do we need a tablet and a laptop? Cell phone? Can we minimize our tech to help free our space?

Besides the organizational logistics of your space with a technology focus, we also need to look at the electromatic fields these devices produce and the blue light that can negatively affect our biology.

The simplest solution to these problems is to unplug your devices when not in use as well as limit the number of screen time hours you have in a day. And knowing good and well that that advice just fell on deaf ears, here are a few solutions to help you no matter if your technology lives in your office or your bedroom