Social, Issue 7

Content Creation Vs. Content Masterbation.

We work in culture absessed with content. From blogs to posts to inforgraphics, a business can never produce too much content. Yet in our desire to feed the content beast we have fallen under the Stockholm syndrome spell of content obsession.

Far too often brands are more into content masterbation than actual creation. We use all of our energy and resources to create another free piece of content vs working on areas that will actually bring revenue to our business. We find it easy and pleasurable to spend an afternoon writing a blog that no one ever reads. We don’t enjoy this because this topic excites us. We “enjoy” this content creation because it has become our habit, our go to.

Yet businesses aren’t meant to live a life of content masterbation. Just like in life, the end goal is to create. Our content is meant to bring us creation in the form of clients, cash, and community.

 If your content isn’t producing creation - then you may be doing it wrong.