Marketing, Issue 3

Social Proof That Works



“Social Proof” is a buzzword that isn’t going away in 2018.

Social proof is the idea of having others buy into and love what we offer, that more people will purchase because they see the experience the first group has.

What a lovely idea.

Social proof sounds like the root of organic marketing.

Social proof is more than a great list of testimonials. Like with your brand client testimonials is only one piece of the social proof puzzle.

When looking to expand your social proof in 2018 consider all of these mediums:

· Speaker

· Podcasts

· Client testimonials

· Tv show expert

· Contributor writer for a print publication

· Write your book

· Host digital events

· Facebook live show

· Quoted expert in various traditional media outlets

· Tv show or videos showing your work in action

· Host your live event

Variety and consistency are key to your social proof success.