Marketing, Issue 7


Love it or hate it the truth is we all want to have more influence.

Influence means you matter. And it is natural for us to want to matter. That our lives, our work - us as human beings- that we matter. Gaining influence in the lives around you is key to having your life and work matter.

In today’s influence driven society, it can feel like nothing you do or say can ever be enough. We all secretly want that perfect moment where you know “this is it” - gold star influence time. But like many things in life, true influence happens over time and in retrospect. That you don’t know the impact or lack there off until years later.

When it comes to your bottom line and influence you have to realize all of this- influence, impression management, personal brand, marketing- it is all a form of personal marketing- you and the world.

And as with all marketing there is time, consistency, and a bit of charm that must happen to succeed. For you to be influential you must get real on who you are and be real with others. And yes, I am fully aware that people say this- and few people do it.

So let me share with you the two ways I have ever seen people achieve consistent and charming influence time and time again. Either tap into your soul or take it as a social challenge.

The truth is what stops us from being real are  the social stories we have all been raised with. The only ways to cover this mass mind programing is to tap into your soul’s purpose or take it  as a challenge to buck ever social story you find.

No matter which “door” you choose, you will win in the end and the influence will be yours.

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Marketing, Issue 7

Why Modern Marketing Isn’t About The Money

As entrepreneurs many times we feel if we just had the capital, the money, the moola, we could be world crushing rockstars creating massive change all around us. And though it is nice to fantasize about, the truth is that money isn’t what is
stopping us.
All the prime time, super bowl ad spots won’t equate to massive profitability in your marketplace. The good news is on lots of levels money isn’t the answer. Gone are the days of “Mad Men” era ads that told the consumer to think this way, feel this way. Today’s media and information overload, everything from ads, to posts, to people- all the information is viewed the same- with skepticism.

Modern marketing is more old school relationship building than we want to realize. And yes, I do mean school.Like highschool.

Yes, highschool. Love it or hate (personally I am the latter) how relationships were formed back then is how the marketing environment for our brands and businesses are today. The good thing is that like highschool, you don’t have to have a lot of funds to execute this marketing plan. The bad thing is it takes time, engagement, and yes, doing something.

So how do you execute a killer marketing plan that actually works for your business? Here is how.

1. Do something.

Just like in highschool the kids who were “known” did something. Many times they were in multiple clubs, sports, and they took on the responsability. You must do this for your audience.

What does this look like for your business?

This means a random blog post won’t cut it. Social media on a whim doesn’t cut it. To market your business you must be clear about what and who you love - and commit to creating, doing, and communicating with these people.

2. You have to be personable.

The most beloved kids weren’t the head cheerleader and star quarterback, they were the ones who could make friends with just about everyone. Always positive, passionate, and very personable.

Just like in highschool, it isn’t that you have to be besties with everyone. But being kind and having a conversation went a long way. Staying humble and heartfelt always wins.

3. You have to stand out.

If it was being called to the principal’s office or to be on the prom court- standing out was a good thing. Now to stand out you had to do more, be more, and on a level that exceeded the average.

Yes, marketing is about getting noticed. Now the stage is way better than the principal’s office, but both will do. As the expression goes- “no press is bad press.”

Instead of aiming for bad press, aim for the stage. That can be an online TV show, being a featured writer in a publication, or the go to expert for a national media outlet. Whatever “stage” you go with make sure that it is literally above what the masses are doing.

Create, relate, and stand out: that is how modern marketing goes