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We have all seen those graphics depicting that success is anything but a smooth straight line. And though we know this logically, we all secretly hope that for us our success - be it personal or professional, family and or financially related - comes quickly, easily, and stays forever.

Many of us jumped into this entrepreneurial adventure with this secret hope buried deep in our hearts - for us the fairy tale will come out differently. And yes, it is human nature for us to view ourselves as the exception - for we are very exceptional. But soon enough a few years into this adventure it feels less like an iconic fairy tale and more like an episode of “Naked and Afraid.”

Our fearlessness is a bit more tapered and our ability to bounce back is just a smudge more sluggish than it use to be. Success is not a straight smooth line. Success is the greatest adventure in which you wonder more often than not “What did I get myself into?”

Yes, there is a struggle for success. Similar to the fact that there is a struggle for all great and beautiful things. There is a struggle for a caterpillar to become a butterfly. There is a struggle for a bird to hatch. There is a struggle for a baby to be born.

There is an ease and a struggle all at the same time.

This issue is dedicated to finding the ease (and making more of it) in the midst of the struggle for success. We have all been there and will be there again.

Being an entrepreneur is an adventure like none other. It isn’t about playing it safe. It is about playing it smart.

Let’s play together.

Ali Craig


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