O’ who doesn’t want a good vibe?!?

As I settle in to write, my quick note of inspiration and wit (hopefully), I am reminded of how much vibes affect everything from our environment to our thoughts, our work, and our wealth.

Call it a vibe, energy, spirit, or juju- this force isn’t just woo. It’s science too.

And no matter where you stand on the science/ woo, spectrum it affects who we are as leaders, business owners, brands, wives, and women more than many of us care to realize.

But what if we could have that better vibe that we love and our clients long for and have it be authentic, organic, and without staying in meditation for seven long hours.

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The truth is there are easy ways to set yourself, your brand, your clients, and your work up for success by honing your vibe.

Trust me, I know.

From one a highly successful luxury branding firm going into our 20th year, to launching the media platform Entreventure™, running one branding academy and an international society, hosting and producing the reality TV show “Fix My Brand With Ali Craig,” being the editor and writer of this publication - all the while launching products, hosting masterclasses, writing books, and travel across the country for speaking events and TV appearances - the stress can be overwhelming unless you control your vibe. (And trust me sometimes the stress wins out - I’m far from perfect.)

So as we look into the summer months, instead of thinking, “Damn, Momma needs a vaca.” What if we work on the vibes around you and that you and your work produce.

Because when we get your vibes in balance, trust me everything will flow.

Much Love,

Ali Craig







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