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It may seem odd to talk about celebrating yourself and how that can create better relationships, impressions, and in turn influence. But as you well know, no one is going to celebrate you. 

Plus when you celebrate you in an authentic and powerful manner - aka owning your true strengths, not some made up BS (you know what I mean) you exude the innate human needs most people want: significance, love, and contribution. 

You see Human Needs Psychology says that we have 6 fundamental human needs no matter when or where you are born. When you tap into the top 3 for your audience, you actually trigger the same part of the brain as addictive substances do. So when you celebrate yourself and in turn, your nonverbal communication communicates these top three human needs to your audience- your audience will be literally drawn to you because you embody what they want: significance, love, and con-tribution. 

Why these 3 human needs when we talk about celebrating ourselves? Here is why. 

1. Significance: When you own your worth you realize you matter aka you are significant. 

2. Love: Most likely your work roots from a deeper knowing and desire - something on many levels you were born with. Like you, this gift is rooted in and from unconditional love. 

3. Contribution: Celebrating yourself usually means you have done something or contributed in some way. Your work has mattered in the lives of others. 

When you allow yourself to feel, embody, and fully know the depth of your work and the cause of your impact - you will organically begin to act, speak, and think in a new way. Transforming your nonverbal communication and in turn your impact on all that you meet. 

You 13


We all secretly want that relationship (or heck maybe be in even a few relationships) that encourages, inspires, and believes in us in a way that we could never feel about ourselves. And though this is a massive fantasy for many, the truth is that you won’t get it nor should you. 

Now before you get all pissy and keep scrolling, it is true. When we rely on other people for our validation, we can always be controlled and manipulated. We aren’t strong, powerful, and fearless. We are easily manipulated, timid, and unsure. 

Now having such a want is totally natural. Biologically it is natural. Plus society grooms it into us with the idea of being proud of yourself is prideful, vain, or egotistical. And though none of those societal implications are true - being dependent upon others in this way is a recipe for disaster. 

The truth is that only you can stir your Soulfire™ up. And like with all good habits in life- stirring yourself up should be a daily habit. 

1. Meditate on your Soulfire™. Yes, think about it, ponder it, and roll it around in your mind. 

2. Daydream. Think about your future. How your Soulfire™ will be fully embodied and brought out into this world. 

3. Write about it. No need for wordy journals. Simple bullets with keywords to remind you about the possibilities and personal insights you gain are essential. 

When you realize that there is a great strength when you own your worth rather than allowing others to own who you are- you will increase your impact and influence and in turn turn up the notch on fully embodying your true influence- aka living your Soulfire™. 

You 13


When was the last time you truly celebrated the one you love? I’m going to guess it wasn’t recent. Yes, we have special days on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries - but for many of us, they are more tradition, not celebration. 

In Soulfire® we talk about having Single Minded Relationships™. Where we are consciously clear about the purpose of a relationship. Purposes can range from helping a client feel their best to enjoying life together. No matter if the purpose is personal or professional, pragmatic or passion filled- by intentionally being single-minded we not only create more powerful relationships- we also create clarity, respect, and the opportunity for celebrations. 

Why celebration? 

Because all the parties involved know the purpose of the relationship. Allowing all involved to be clear about their motives, the next steps, and when milestones have been achieved together because Single Minded Relationships™ are built on partnerships. So you are never just celebrating an act- you are celebrating the united relationship that made the act possible. And that sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate any relationship. 

You 13


Holiday travel is a total love-hate relationship. The people. THE PEOPLE. The time off from work. THE TIME OFF FROM WORK. The traffic. THE TRAFFIC. 

But no matter if you are traveling for work or fun, by air, train, or automobile - here are a few travel tips that will have you loving every step of the jour-ney. 

1. Dress in layers. Yes, your mom was right. Layers are your best friend no matter how, when or where you are traveling. 

2. The bag inside a bag. Ladies, have your larger purse, but then have a smaller cross body bag tucked inside. This way if you have to put your larger bag in the trunk, overhead bin, or under the plane seat, you have your essentials with you: wallet, phone, charger, hand sanitizer, snack, etc. 

3. Emergency health kit. Forget about the Band-Aids and start thinking of the germs. Hand sanitizer, vitamin C, ear drops- whatever your “go to” to keep you healthy regimen is- create the travel version for you. 

4. Stick with what you know. When on the road people want to get ad-venturesome with their food choices- don’t. Stick with what you know until you get to your destination. 

5. Sleep. Choose travel times that allow you to get your rest. No matter when you head out, it is all going to be busy. So get your rest so that you can mentally, emotionally, and physically deal with the day ahead 

You 13


“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think. A little too ironic, yes I really do think”…that we are born in a mental state of love and positivity and that we learn fear along the way. 

From life to misinterpretations of relationships to social programming there are many reasons why we learn the perceived mindset skills of fear. But just because you are working and reacting out of such a negative space doesn’t mean you have to stay there. 

It was a learned skill that goes against your natural hardwiring which means you can unlearn the skill and return back to your preprogrammed mental state. And one great way to do that is through celebrations, 

Think of celebrations like gratitude on steroids. Yes, pausing to reflect and be grateful is essential, but taking a mental process and bringing it into the physical world up-levels and accelerates your reprogramming away from fear and back to love. 

So how can you add a little extra celebration into your everyday life? 

Here are a few ways: 

• Use the “fancy” dishes, soap, or towels 

• Dress up however makes you feel spe-cial 

• Do a happy dance for any reason 

• Laugh no matter what 

• Grin ear to ear because you want to 

• Skip when you are walking the dog 

• Sing like no one is watching or listening 

• Make your meals special just like you do at special events 

• Display cards of encouragement 

• Surround yourself with items that make you feel like a celebration 

• Intentionally do one tradition a day that you do on other special occasions 

Celebrating life isn’t just contagious it is reparative. So let’s forget “rain on your wedding or a free ride after you have al-ready paid” and let’s start loving life be-cause we think, live, and act from our natu-ral state- love. 

P.S. If you caught the Alanis Morissette reference in the first and last lines. Good for you for knowing your ‘90s pop music culture. 

Life is not meant to be boring and bland. It is meant to be filled with rich beauty, bold color, tons of laughter, and relationships that the fairy tales told us were only romantic possibilities. From business, thru our brands, to our friends, family, and with ourselves - we cov-er all topics related to creating deep, meaningful relationships. So stop surviving and start SoulFire® Living (