Style 13


People love holiday style: the lights, the sparkle, the magic, the nostalgia, the history, and the heritage. Holiday style is so beloved because it speaks to the heart of our humanity. 

Our everyday spaces can hold the same places in our hearts and heads too. When we understand the biological and psychological desires and triggers that are at play during this holiday time. Consider adding these 5 elements to any space to create the heart and warmth of the holidays everywhere you go any time of year. 

1. LIGHT. Lights are about fresh, new, rebirth, clarity, and a little bit of magic at play. The brighter and whiter the light the more modern, take action kind of feel you will create in your space. Dimmer more inconsistent lighting creates that magic affect that we love at this holiday season. 

2. SPARKLE. Our love of sparkle actually stems back to our love of snow and ice. Think of a snowflake with the biological properties of ice- we love sparkle because it blends Divine mystery with our biology. To add this to your space, consider a mermaid pillow or anything that truly fascinates you. 

3. NOSTALGIA. We all love throwbacks. Have at least one element that reminds you of a more innocent, childlike time. 

4. HISTORY. When we know what has come before, we can plan for what is ahead. Make sure to always remember where your industry, self, or people have been. 

5. HERITAGE. Now make the history personal. Remind yourself of who you are, what you have overcome, and more importantly where you are going. It isn’t about using your past to define your present, but more of a visual reminder of being a total overcomer. 

By adding these 5 elements to your space in an intentional way, you will have that holiday spirit all year round.