Marketing 13


As entrepreneurs we get in our own way when it comes to how we see our brands. Though rooted in love we feel that love isn’t the “professional” business approach to take so we can’t sell love when talking about businesses. 

Yet, love is exactly what we rooted our work in and what our audience wants. 

When we step back and look at the red thread that ties everything from our past to our present - love is there. Your work gave you love, created love, and was built in love. 


Now selling the love isn’t about Cupid and Valentine's day. As you will see when you look back and discern your red thread, the love you have for the work has a unique “why.” 

• Why? Because I can bring beauty into the world. 

• Why? Because I change the futures of these families. 

• Why? Because I speak up for the voiceless. 

Whatever your “why” is - love is in there. 

Sell the love of your why and you will speak to, captivate, and convert the hearts of your audiences.