Marketing 13


Many times we as brands have the misconception of what our product or service is. We think far too often in the tangible logistics of it all that we forget that to our clients it is a gift. 

What if we as businesses started acting as such? What if we started presenting our offers as gifts? That we made the delivery process as special as opening a present on Christmas morning. 

It is possible. 

Just like with gift giving we need to stop looking at the logistics and practicality of our offer and view our offer as the answer to prayer it is for our clients. Our offer is solving a problem far greater than the practical need. 

And just like in gift giving when we wrap our offer up to speak to the answers to prayer vs the logistics- magic hap-pens. 

For example you can give a bottle of wine as a gift in a brown paper bag. Logistical, but not speaking to the bigger need this bottle represents. Because the “why” behind the gift- aka the answer to prayer - is that the bottle is to say congratulations on purchasing your new home. 

Instead of just presenting the bottle in a paper bag, what if you tied a list of your favorite take out restaurants around the bottle’s neck or a Home Depot gift card along with it. With a few simple and low cost actions- a practical interaction begins to speak to the prayer your audience has. 

Take a step back and look at your business offers with a fresh, answer to prayer set of eyes. Because when you see the truth behind what your offer really is to your audience- the gift that you are truly selling becomes crystal clear.