Style 13


Looking on point isn’t vanity, it’s business. Here is how to keep your beauty game on point in 2019. 

Groomed Brows. Yes, groomed eyebrows are still on point for 2019. Besides being the perfect feature to frame your face. Groomed eyebrows are also a tale about your personality. Yes, crazy Albert Einstein eyebrows do say a lot more than poor grooming habits. 

Long Lashes. Long lashes aren’t going anywhere either because they reflect our youthful, innocence. 

French Red Lips. Red lips are the ultimate sex appeal. And yes, that is a primal thing. Red lips equate to sexual prime. 

Graphic Cat Eyes. The “eyes” have it in 2019. The cat eye trend is go-ing to the next level with a graphic feel. Nothing subtle about this cat eye. So go bold. 

Esthetician Envy Skin. Fabulous skin truly never goes out of style, but with this year's minimalistic makeup- esthetician enviable skin is essential. So don’t skip on your skincare technique. 

The Glow. From your makeup to your hair- shine is in. Enough said. 

Pantone Worthy Hair. Gone are the days of natural hair col-or. Instead, check out the Pantone color book for hair color inspiration. Besides being fun it will be on point for 2019.