You 13


We all secretly want that relationship (or heck maybe be in even a few relationships) that encourages, inspires, and believes in us in a way that we could never feel about ourselves. And though this is a massive fantasy for many, the truth is that you won’t get it nor should you. 

Now before you get all pissy and keep scrolling, it is true. When we rely on other people for our validation, we can always be controlled and manipulated. We aren’t strong, powerful, and fearless. We are easily manipulated, timid, and unsure. 

Now having such a want is totally natural. Biologically it is natural. Plus society grooms it into us with the idea of being proud of yourself is prideful, vain, or egotistical. And though none of those societal implications are true - being dependent upon others in this way is a recipe for disaster. 

The truth is that only you can stir your Soulfire™ up. And like with all good habits in life- stirring yourself up should be a daily habit. 

1. Meditate on your Soulfire™. Yes, think about it, ponder it, and roll it around in your mind. 

2. Daydream. Think about your future. How your Soulfire™ will be fully embodied and brought out into this world. 

3. Write about it. No need for wordy journals. Simple bullets with keywords to remind you about the possibilities and personal insights you gain are essential. 

When you realize that there is a great strength when you own your worth rather than allowing others to own who you are- you will increase your impact and influence and in turn turn up the notch on fully embodying your true influence- aka living your Soulfire™.