Branding 13


One of the greatest struggles that entrepreneurs have is the innate love/hate relationship with being the center of attention. The truth is struggle is Neuro Human Branding® at its core because it is the struggle between biology, subconscious mind, and social stories perfectly at play. 

BIOLOGY: Want to be seen as the go to leader, but as the leader you could also be a threat. 

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: You want other people to admire, adore, and recognize your intelligence, but what if they find out you are a fraud. 

SOCIAL STORIES: Yes, everyone should see that you matter, but how arrogant, prideful, and unwholesome of a person you will be if you actively seek such a thing. 

Yes, the internal struggle is real on so many levels when trying to make your mark. And this struggle wastes lots of time and energy all the while creating a level of static confusion that your audience can’t fully discern where it is com-ing from. Which only creates doubt in their minds on who they think you are. 

The interesting thing about all of the “buts” when it comes to being attention seeking aren’t ones that you can really do anything about. Yes, you can actively retrain the social stories at play, but other than that- the only way to overcome the biological, subconscious, and social stories is purely by choice. Yep, you must believe in yourself, your mission, your cause, and your mes-sage more than you fear potentially getting “kicked out of the tribe.” 

Where do you stand? Are you willing to stand out and potentially be taken down for your cause? Or is fear going to win and in turn cause you to fail? The choice is truly and solely yours.