Branding 13


Like all things party, the invitation is a lost art. Used only at kid parties and weddings- true paper invitations are rarely seen now. And though very sad on many levels - you can use this to your brand’s advantage. 

Print invitations say a lot to your audiences. It says: 

• You are wanted. 

• You are valued. 

• You are chosen. 

• You are special. 

• You are elite. 

Print invitations also engage the senses creating deeper memories about your brand. Plus with print invitations being more than just a sheet of paper, the experience is truly a gift having the receiver feeling a slight bit of obligation to give back (aka they are more likely to buy.) 

Now you may be thinking well this sounds all nice and good, but I don’t have any tangible offers so what am I sending these print invitations out for? 

• What if for your next high end launch before you did the entire online song and dance you mailed exclusive invitations to people you wanted to be part of the pro-gram? 

• What if you gifted a copy of your latest book with an exclusive invitation for them to write a review and be an active member in your online launch party? 

• What if you mailed out invitations to existing clients to not only reconnect but to also invite a friend to join them on the Zoom call? 

There are so many reasons for us as entrepreneurs to use the lost art of the printed invitation to our brand’s advantage. But these take time and money. So yes, you have to plan if you truly want to prosper with this technique.