Business 13


The phone. Many of us want it to ring because that equals business to us, but we are scared to death to pick up and call someone. Even people that we know, we just don’t want to be tied to the phone and all the potential lurkings on the other side. 

Yet, we also know that hearing someone's voice creates a stronger bond and higher likelihood of them saying “yes.” That our voice allows for inflection, tone, and to help communicate a fuller impact of our message be-cause it uses one of the 5 elements of our nonverbal communication to our advantage whereas email alone uses none. 

But what are you to do when the phone has you running in fear? Or when you have time to make the call that isn’t even close to appropriate hours? 

Meet the direct to voicemail apps. 

There are numerous apps like these on the market. But few businesses actually use them to leave meaningful messages. Get over your fear of the phone. Use your tone to connect with your audience. And make the effort to show that you care to call “just because” not just for the sale.