Business 13


If you are a newsletter type of company or not, this time of year brings out the proverbial “holiday newsletter.” The business ver-sion of the Christmas newsletter that many of us grew up reading - we subconsciously fall back into the same old trap with our business. 

But what if we used this habit to our brand’s advantage for real. And instead, of just being an item on our “to do” list that we check off, that we actually create a fun, entertaining, and proactive piece. 

Here is how. 

1. NOSTALGIA. We all love nostalgia because it reminds us of a simpler, safer time. 

2. SOCIAL STORIES. Yes, we are talking about the ‘80s and ‘90s so play up the social stories from style to the hottest toys. Maybe your latest business offer is just as hot and flying off the shelves as the Cabbage Patch kids were in 1986. 

3. HAVE FUN. Don’t take yourself seriously. Have fun with your newsletter. Forget the word “business” and make this something that you would want to read and share with your friends. 

4. KEEPSAKE. We all love keepsakes so make this newsletter more than a newsletter. Just like the kid's menus were part menus part coloring book - make your newsletter something your audience wants to take home and put on the fridge. 

5. MAKE IT ABOUT YOUR BRAND FAMILY. Though this may be a “business” newsletter this is a brand family newsletter first. So talk about everyone involved from clients to staffers to the unofficial mascot- the rescued turtle named Turtle. 

It is natural during this season of family to want to connect with the ones that have made your year meaningful, so connect, share, and show them your heart as well as humor.