You 13


“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think. A little too ironic, yes I really do think”…that we are born in a mental state of love and positivity and that we learn fear along the way. 

From life to misinterpretations of relationships to social programming there are many reasons why we learn the perceived mindset skills of fear. But just because you are working and reacting out of such a negative space doesn’t mean you have to stay there. 

It was a learned skill that goes against your natural hardwiring which means you can unlearn the skill and return back to your preprogrammed mental state. And one great way to do that is through celebrations, 

Think of celebrations like gratitude on steroids. Yes, pausing to reflect and be grateful is essential, but taking a mental process and bringing it into the physical world up-levels and accelerates your reprogramming away from fear and back to love. 

So how can you add a little extra celebration into your everyday life? 

Here are a few ways: 

• Use the “fancy” dishes, soap, or towels 

• Dress up however makes you feel spe-cial 

• Do a happy dance for any reason 

• Laugh no matter what 

• Grin ear to ear because you want to 

• Skip when you are walking the dog 

• Sing like no one is watching or listening 

• Make your meals special just like you do at special events 

• Display cards of encouragement 

• Surround yourself with items that make you feel like a celebration 

• Intentionally do one tradition a day that you do on other special occasions 

Celebrating life isn’t just contagious it is reparative. So let’s forget “rain on your wedding or a free ride after you have al-ready paid” and let’s start loving life be-cause we think, live, and act from our natu-ral state- love. 

P.S. If you caught the Alanis Morissette reference in the first and last lines. Good for you for knowing your ‘90s pop music culture. 

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