Business 13


As the holidays approach, many of us wish our clients and customers well. Which is lovely, but is it what our clients really want. A well wish in a pond of other well wishes will blend together. 

But what if this celebration season you did just that - celebrate your clients? 

Now when you hear the word “celebrate” you may be thinking party and that could be cool. But there are so many other ways to celebrate your clients. Here are a few “out of the box “ suggestions: 

• Create an impromptu live sharing with your world how amazing your client is and why 

• An introduction to someone they admire or need the connection 

• Writing their website bio copy for them 

• Creating an audio file that they can use as a voicemail introduction 

• Writing a detailed, non PC card about how you truly see them and all that they have accomplished. 

• As you can see these are all ways for you to share with the world how brilliantly amazing you see your client. It is in that raw truth in which the true gift lies. 

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