You 13


When was the last time you truly celebrated the one you love? I’m going to guess it wasn’t recent. Yes, we have special days on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries - but for many of us, they are more tradition, not celebration. 

In Soulfire® we talk about having Single Minded Relationships™. Where we are consciously clear about the purpose of a relationship. Purposes can range from helping a client feel their best to enjoying life together. No matter if the purpose is personal or professional, pragmatic or passion filled- by intentionally being single-minded we not only create more powerful relationships- we also create clarity, respect, and the opportunity for celebrations. 

Why celebration? 

Because all the parties involved know the purpose of the relationship. Allowing all involved to be clear about their motives, the next steps, and when milestones have been achieved together because Single Minded Relationships™ are built on partnerships. So you are never just celebrating an act- you are celebrating the united relationship that made the act possible. And that sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate any relationship.