Branding 13


We all want to celebrate our clients, but far too often we do it in the lamest way possible. Not that we don’t want to be unique, original, or show how badass our clients and customers are - we simply don’t know how to do it in an one-of-a-kind manner worthy of our clients or our work. 

Here are a few do’s and don'ts when it comes to celebrating your clients. 

DO UNDERSTAND WHAT MOTIVATES YOUR AUDIENCE. Do they love the social media attention or do they prefer a more intimate way of being recognized? 

DON’T GO CHEEZE. Everyone does goofy graphics, poor quality videos, and cheezy case studies. Reflect the caliber of your client by resisting the cheeze and staying classy. 

DO MAKE YOUR CLIENT THE HERO. YES, your client should always be the hero in this situation so make that they are the ones who look smart, brave, and dashing always. 

DON’T MAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU. Though this marketing approach feels like it is all about you and your work- it isn’t. 

DO SHOW THE PARTNERSHIP. For your client to experience the success they have had, you had to be by their side. Consciously choose and share the partnership role you play. Are you the fairy godmother who solves all your client’s problems magi-cally or are you the trusted wise best friend, always helping through every adven-ture at hand? 

DON’T SUGAR COAT THE STRUGGLE. Don’t make the road perfect. The overcom-ing nature within the struggle is key to not only show your true work process, but to also show the strength and depth of who your audience is.