You 13


It may seem odd to talk about celebrating yourself and how that can create better relationships, impressions, and in turn influence. But as you well know, no one is going to celebrate you. 

Plus when you celebrate you in an authentic and powerful manner - aka owning your true strengths, not some made up BS (you know what I mean) you exude the innate human needs most people want: significance, love, and contribution. 

You see Human Needs Psychology says that we have 6 fundamental human needs no matter when or where you are born. When you tap into the top 3 for your audience, you actually trigger the same part of the brain as addictive substances do. So when you celebrate yourself and in turn, your nonverbal communication communicates these top three human needs to your audience- your audience will be literally drawn to you because you embody what they want: significance, love, and con-tribution. 

Why these 3 human needs when we talk about celebrating ourselves? Here is why. 

1. Significance: When you own your worth you realize you matter aka you are significant. 

2. Love: Most likely your work roots from a deeper knowing and desire - something on many levels you were born with. Like you, this gift is rooted in and from unconditional love. 

3. Contribution: Celebrating yourself usually means you have done something or contributed in some way. Your work has mattered in the lives of others. 

When you allow yourself to feel, embody, and fully know the depth of your work and the cause of your impact - you will organically begin to act, speak, and think in a new way. Transforming your nonverbal communication and in turn your impact on all that you meet.