You 13


Holiday travel is a total love-hate relationship. The people. THE PEOPLE. The time off from work. THE TIME OFF FROM WORK. The traffic. THE TRAFFIC. 

But no matter if you are traveling for work or fun, by air, train, or automobile - here are a few travel tips that will have you loving every step of the jour-ney. 

1. Dress in layers. Yes, your mom was right. Layers are your best friend no matter how, when or where you are traveling. 

2. The bag inside a bag. Ladies, have your larger purse, but then have a smaller cross body bag tucked inside. This way if you have to put your larger bag in the trunk, overhead bin, or under the plane seat, you have your essentials with you: wallet, phone, charger, hand sanitizer, snack, etc. 

3. Emergency health kit. Forget about the Band-Aids and start thinking of the germs. Hand sanitizer, vitamin C, ear drops- whatever your “go to” to keep you healthy regimen is- create the travel version for you. 

4. Stick with what you know. When on the road people want to get ad-venturesome with their food choices- don’t. Stick with what you know until you get to your destination. 

5. Sleep. Choose travel times that allow you to get your rest. No matter when you head out, it is all going to be busy. So get your rest so that you can mentally, emotionally, and physically deal with the day ahead