What Is The Best Way For You To Stay Organized and Productive


When looking to simplify your life, staying organized is a must. Being organized in our surroundings, tasks, and obligations allows us to feel secure minimizing the overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and analysis paralysis that affects many of us.

But when we look at organizing our tasks, “to do”s, and every day of life - what style works best to give you that sense of security and in turn help you be more productive? Here is a quick quiz to help define your innate organizational style:

1. Must you know the big picture or overall objective before you can start a new project?

2. Do you need to see how all of the pieces play together so you understand the next task that needs to be done?

3. Are you more interested in the long term success vs the short-term outcome?

Visual Organizer If you answered "yes" then you are a visual organizer. This means that you need to “see” the big picture to know what move to make. Now “seeing” the big picture can be in your mind’s eye or on paper.

Allowing yourself the ability to map out (and yes, I mean that literally) a project helps to put your mind at ease and allow you to understand the purpose and position of each step you need to take.

Linear Organizer If you answered mainly “no” to the above questions you are more of a linear organizer which means you take one step at a time and mainly focus on the task at hand - not the big picture. Bullet journaling ( checklists are your best friend.

The best way for you to stay organized, secure, and grounded is to write it down and just do it.

Feeling like you are a hybrid? Part I need to know the big picture? Part I need the checklist to get shit done? For all you hybrids out there, consider something like Soul Targeting ( This method blends the overall visual organization with bulleted “to do” items. No matter what method is the best way for you to keep all of your thoughts straight. Do it. Stop trying to keep it all straight in your head. Get it down on to paper and go from there. Use how your brain is uniquely hardwired to problem solve to your advantage. You got this. Now go do this