The Power, Clarity, and Cash In Defining Your Red Thread


Your offer is not what your audience wants. The logistics of the product or service you are currently offering is simply a tool being used to create a deeper transformation for you and your audience.

It is this deeper transformation that drives you and your audience. It is the common red thread that takes all of your interest and brings to light the core motivation of what your life and soulfire® are about.

So what is your red thread? Not sure, ask yourself these questions:

● What have I always intentionally loved?

● What have I always been innately good at?

● What is the one thing that will always get me out of bed and motivate me to keep going?

At the heart of your red thread you are going to find characteristics such as showing love, bringing beauty into the world, empowering others, etc.

You are going to discover characteristics that transcend a certain act. Because there are many ways that empowering others can look like. This is how you know you have found your red thread.

Because your red thread isn’t about the logistics of what you sow - it is the root of “why” you do it. And when you understand your “why” you understand what really motivates you, what projects to take or pass on, you understand who to partner with and who not to, and you attract the audience who desire what you are doing.

Yes, understanding your red thread is a bit like finding the Holy Grail. Pretty darn fabulous with life changing results.