The Evolution of Upleveling Your Space


No matter if we are talking about the Swedish Death Cleanse or Marie Kondo’s Japanese organizational style - the truth is your space reflects your mind and your mind reflects your space.

And as our lives get busier it is easier to not put an item back in its proper place or not deep clean the fridge even if it is on your “to do” list. When we let seemingly insignificant items like this slip in our spaces, it is a reflection of what we are letting happen in our inner lives. How do you get back on track when the little slip up feels like a major slide?

1. Tackle by topic. You don’t live your life room by room so tackle your disorganization and style by topic not room.

2. Make it pretty. Functional is great. Pretty functional is the best. So splurge and get the pink chair that may cost a few dollars more than just the black basic version. Grab the file folders with the fun sayings vs the box of 5,000 green ones that you are never going to use. Make it functional and pretty (just like you are.)

3. Forget about the time. It isn’t about what you can accomplish in an hour. Put your phone on silent, put music you love on, and get to work tackling the topic.

4. Be complete. This may mean a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of organizing, maybe even building a piece of furniture or two. Whatever it is be complete with the task. Don’t leave something for another day.

5. Feel good. Don’t beat yourself up that you have to do this. Look at this time as an opportunity to uplevel your life and your space. Clearly, the old way needed an upgrade. And the next time you find yourself wanting to not quite put an item back in the right spot, stop and ask yourself why. Maybe you are overwhelmed, overworked, or maybe you just need to uplevel your space once again.