How To Always Make Powerful Impressions Online and Offline



We all want it.

And we all have it. What type of power do you bring online and offline? And really, this power that we are talking about is rooted in the impressions you make.

Your power is rooted in the impressions you make. But for many of us, the impressions that we're making personally and professionally, aren't doing anything for anyone. They're just random noise creating static in this universe.

The impressions that you make can either create noise or build your story.

Every single impression we make, online and offline, personally and professionally, can and should be adding up to a greater story about who we are, and what we're about.

This is called impression management.

From a neuro human branding™ standpoint, here's what the impressions mean.

Everyone hears about that first impression that we make. A first impression happens normally within the first three to five seconds of seeing someone. Again, statistically inaccurate. The truth is, that with the first impression you have of somebody, actually happens in less than a nanosecond.This could be from across the room or via a photo. And once that nanosecond occurs, it takes an additional three to five seconds for your brain to become consciously aware of what you thought in that nanosecond.

As with many things and many statistics, society doesn't tell us the full story.

We don’t just make one impression. We make three impressions.

The first impression is the first time you see somebody.

The second impression is the last impression that you've made on someone. The last time they saw a post from you. The last time they heard you speak. The last time they saw you from across the room.

Then lastly we have the lasting impression. The last impression is the combination of all of the impressions you have made. It's the lasting impression, that industry of impression management comes in, and is so vitally important.

On average we make over 10,000 impressions a day. 10,000 impressions a day adds up quickly.

If we are not consciously creating these impressions, we will create chaos in the story of who we are and what we are about.

How do we unstatic our message and create powerful impressions online and offline.

Pretty easy actually.

It all begins with our intention. When we set an intention, we do a couple of things.

Biologically, we ground ourselves.

By setting an intention, we let go of the fight or flight stress which, leads to much better nonverbal communication. How we're holding ourselves, our body language is better. Our tone of voice and the way we articulate about ourselves. We also then become very clear and concise both verbally and visually, which naturally says, "Hey, this person knows what in the world they're doing."

When you clarify your intentions, you clarify your subconscious mind. You eliminate those negative stories. You make your biology work for you and not against you. And you can create great relationships: personally, professionally, and with your brand.