Forget The Gold Crown. Go For The Gold Skincare


We are hardwired to love 24K gold. So adding gold to a beauty product, well, of course, we want to try. And then to know that these products aren’t just pretty but will also increase our collagen, moisture, and all while reducing our wrinkles- YES please and thank you. Here are 3 24k gold based products that are worth the money.

Eye Mask

A must have with your morning prep. Put them on while styling your hair, doing your eye makeup and watch the puffiness, bags, dark circles and fine lines melt away.

Sheet Mask

Is a business trip calling your name? Then make sure to throw these into your bag. Hydration on all fronts will have you looking youthful and well rested no matter what time zone you are in.


Who doesn’t want to paint “gold” all over the face, neck, and chest? Yes! This is our kind of adult body painting here. And with all of the skin benefits too- sign us up.