Why Your Kids Have It Right In Their Quest For “Why”


If you have kids or not you know they ask a lot of questions. And the most favorite question for many kids is “Why?”

Why do we need to do this? Why that? Why this way? Why now? Why them? Why, why, why, why, why?

From an adult’s perspective, this gets utterly annoying at some point. And we end up pulling out the line we all swore we would never use “because I said so.”

And we don’t just pull this line out with our kids, we do it with ourselves all the time too. Why is something on your schedule because your partner said so? Why are you having this meeting because protocol says so? Why are you dressing this way because society says so?

We end up using one of the worst parenting lines on ourselves daily and we don’t even know it.

But there is a gift in these moments of “why.”

Yes, they can be utterly frustrating because kids have a knack for choosing the worst timing for you, but the best timing for the situation at hand. Because in those moments of pure frustration, overwhelm, confusion - asking “why” is the best thing for you.

Pausing and asking "why" gives yourself a moment to step back and refocus. Asking “why” creates clarity around the situation and the moment. Answering “why” generates your intention for the moment at hand.

If we would pause to ask ourselves and others “why” throughout the day the clarity for our action, the time we would free up from doing tasks that serve no one except an obligation, and the ability to connect deeper with everyone we would interact with would be our norm not an occurrence.

Asking “why” and knowing “why” will actually save your sanity and yourself. So thank the kids and ask yourself “why” everywhere you go.