Why We Love and Loathe Simplicity


Simplicity has been a buzzword for awhile. Martha Stewart started it with Real Simple Magazine and everything being simple, but let's be honest, what Martha does is not simple in the least.

The idea of simplicity is going to be taking a huge leap forward as society becomes more and more complicated and overwhelming to our audiences. With all of the unrest that's currently happening, where people don't feel like they can really be themselves.

Simplicity is built into our DNA. We would much prefer a successful, happy and simple life over a successful, crazy one. Yet, our social stories promote a busy crazy existence which creates an internal struggle.

How can you create simplicity within your brand?

Be simple and consistent about your messaging. Don't buy all the latest trends of, "Oh, should I do Instagram Live and should I try this ad and should I do this kind of gif." Stick with what you like.

Stick with what your audience likes, whatever methodology that is, whatever consistency that is and whatever platform that is.

Is there a way that you could simplify your brand experience in a way that doesn't lose the experience, but actually gains something for your audience?

Simplicity doesn't have to be boring. Simplicity doesn't mean that it's stupid simple and easily replicable. The more refined your processes, the more complex and in depth your brand will be.

As with all brand approach, commitment is key to success.

Add simplicity into your brand relationship because life's complicated enough.