Why Boundaries Create Major Bottom Lines For Your Brands


Many of us are raised to believe that boundaries are mean, negative, and are needed only for the riffraff of society. Yet boundaries are actually a totally elite and luxury built habit. Just look at luxury brands.

Luxury brands don’t bend at every whim that a customer may have. Sure they try to be accommodating, but in the end, the brand is what the brand is. You don’t see Burberry making a car or Tiffany’s designing clothing.

Each brand has decided for itself first and with the input of select people what it will and will not do. These brands have set boundaries and they are clearly unapologetic for it. Similar to famous chefs refusing to accommodate food preferences, part of our roles as brands is to make a defining statement, have a clear opinion, and stand boldly behind our original perspective.

Far too often we let our fear of not being accommodating and the idea that boundaries would keep people away from actually taking a stand. We take our original perspective and whitewash it into PC neutrality- destroying our brand, vision, and bottom line. We also end up creating a brand culture that we hate and that will never please all.

So if you are looking to bring simplicity to your luxury brand, having clear immovable boundaries is the way to be.