Why A Concise Message Creates Cash


We have all been there. We are interested in a product and we either get no description that leads us wondering “So what do I really get” or we get way too much information where I am left wondering “ When does this page actually stop scrolling?”

There is a fine line between communicating your message and verbal diarrhea. Far too often many brands cross this line in an effort to completely communicate their message, benefit, value. Add on top of that the misinformation about why long sales copy works, and people ramble and ramble and ramble all in an effort to make you say “yes.”

The truth is that your audience is completely overwhelmed with information. They don’t have time to nitpick an offer or break down all the logistics to see the cost/benefit analysis. They don’t want to scroll and scroll for days looking for the information.

And they also need the details presented in an entertaining way. Yep, you are competing for the same brain space that the funny kitty video, blockbuster movie trailer, and gross pimple popping video is going after.

Your audience needs a snapshot of the results you create, the logistics of what it takes to get there all in an entertaining and enticing package. Yep, a short and sweet song and dance is what we are going for here.

Nothing like a challenge, right?

Well, the good and bad news is that your audience is always evolving. So that means if you don’t hit it out of the park at first launch, your audience may grow into your message. The bad news is that if you are completely on point with your brand’s message at the moment, it won’t last forever or even a few months.

Our audiences are evolving at a 4-6 month rate. So what connects with them now, won’t be as impactful of a trigger in just a few short months.

What does all of this mean when trying to create a concise, yet killer message? It means you have to understand the true motives and mindsets of your audience.

Here is how you do just that.

Step 1: How does your client look, feel, act, and move when they fully embody your product?

Step 2: Where is your audience’s mood, mindset, and emotions now?

Step 3: What are the struggles and successes that will be along the way as they embody your work?

Now that you have the heart of the matter in mind, it is about crafting those 3 perfect paragraphs that tell the story of:

  • Paragraph 1: Where They Want To Be

  • Paragraph 2: Where They Are

  • Paragraph 3: How They Get There

All the while showing how your product is their partner on this journey of them upleveling their life.

Grab our fill in the blank concise copy swipe file and always have your perfect message, perfectly said.