The idea of influencing a market and being an influencer is in vogue. But the truth is that influencing is part of human nature.

Newborn babies influence their parents all the time to make sure that they eat, sleep, and get changed on their schedule, not the parents. We influence our friends and family when it comes to deciding what to do and how to do it. Life and relationships are all about influence.

When we look at influencing as a marketing perspective, our motives get murky. We are no longer speaking and relating from a place of authenticity. For many of us our motives are about making the sale and making the money.

To resolve this and never be one of “those people” who go from sweet to icky, slick salesperson we must always be clear about our intention.

Our intention - the why behind what we do - must be clear to us and our audience. Being transparent on our “why” helps us to stay true about the action at hand and allows our audience to know the truth about what is going on, too.

Now your intentions don’t need to be some evil plot to take over the world or to create world peace. Your intentions truly are as honest and real on knowing and communicating “why” you are doing this.

● Why are you calling this person now? Because it is the end of the month I am trying to get a bonus.

● Why are you creating this e-product? Because I’m wanting to help people in a way that allows me to be flexible with my schedule.

● Why are you guest blogging all the time? Because you are trying to get your name out there as the "go to" expert and get the sales.

Your “why” isn’t “good” or “bad” when you are honest with yourself and others on what the true motives at play are. So get real, be real, and stay real with yourself and all that you meet - and you will be an influencer.