How To Create Captivating Brand Visuals


No matter if we are talking about your website, print collateral, trade show space, retail location, or book cover - your brand visuals must not just look good they must capture the hearts, minds, and internal of your message as well as your brand.

Because of the enormousness of the task at hand, many times we think we need to add more to our visual message to accomplish being a captivating and converting message. The truth is less is more. The most powerful visuals you can create aren’t about more, it is about refining down to the heart and core motivators of your message and your audience. It is about understanding the emotional space your audience is in, meeting them there, and bringing them on a transformational journey to what is possible.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about your business card solo or the complete print package of your brand collateral - all of your online and offline visuals - solo or as a collective - should be a snapshot in message, mood, and motivation about what your brand is about and why you serve the audience you do.

How do you know if your visuals do this? Here is my personal checklist:

1. Is the intention of the message clear? At a quick glance, what emotions do the visuals convey?

2. Does it spark or lead? Short pieces like your business card should spark curiosity, excitement, and interest. Bigger pieces like a postcard or website page should lead your viewer on a journey.

3. Does it grab them by the balls and pull them down? A dramatic visual I know, but it is the avesersal reaction that we are looking for. We aren’t looking for a “that’s nice” we are looking for fall to the floor, forever changed reaction.

Your brand visuals are the best way to get your brand noticed in all of the marketing noise of today’s society. Playing small, playing safe, and playing half- ass won’t win. Create visual messages that are truly dynamic because they reflect the heart of your brand.