How To Be A Carry On Girl


Lost luggage, luggage fees, and just waiting in line are three things that no one wants to do especially when they are traveling. Yet, many people find it difficult to pack for a week's worth of business meetings in one carry on. Here is how I do it.

1. Know What You Are Going To Wear. When you plan out what you are going to wear the need to pack the kitchen sink goes out the door. Also, the need to bring that one outfit that requires accessories and undergarments onto itself doesn’t look so appealing anymore.

2. Wear Your Accessories On The Plane. Whatever accessories you are going to bring wear them on the plane. This will minimize your over packing problem and it will ensure that you bring the pieces that make the most statement.

3. Follow The “Wear One. Pack One.” Rule. The “Wear One. Pack One.” rule is pretty simple. Wear a pair of shoes and pack a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes. Not a unique pair per outfit, just one. So yes, for 7 days you have 2 shoe choices. So choose wisely.

4. Duffles Are A Girl’s Best Friends. Though we all love roller boards. Duffle bags actually fit more items for space and are easier to fit in the overhead bins.

5. Spanx Your Luggage. Compression cubes are a great way to get your makeup, blazers, and other bulky items nice and tight. Besides the fact that the cubicle design is great just in case you didn’t heed the advice in #4, not having excess space allows spills, wrinkles, and what not to all be minimized.

Being a carry on girl isn’t about doing without. It is about living with the best.