From Ineffective to Iconic


How to tap into your natural superpowers to become more visible and make more impact.

Do you ever get frustrated about the real impact you make in the marketplace and in the world? Through your services, your coaching, your classes, your social media communication? You blog, you do 'lives', you connect and chat and network and still, in the maelstrom of information shooting around cyber space, it feels as though you are not being heard.

Your own little voice piping up through the booming white noise of cyber information exchange. Some days it feels like we are talking into a black hole doesn't it?.

In spite our passion, it's hard not to get overwhelmed in the current market place. It seems that everyone now wants to be a speaker. Everyone is writing a potential best-seller. Peers and colleagues are nailing it left, right and center.

And you're still struggling to find the confidence to be as visible as you need to be, to earn the success you dream of.

But here's the truth. Every day, everything we do and are, is engraving some kind of energetic signature on the world around us. We are powerful creators, even when we are not aware of the impact we're having. That is the quantum reality! We cannot NOT make an impact in fact! People are always tuning into you, following, observing, learning from you. Getting to know, like and trust. Nowadays, it can take a long time to build an audience when you're a solo entrepreneur.

But there is one really vital thing you can do to accelerate tribe building, list building, growing your network, client base, be heard and invited to collaborate. Just one shift of approach that can potentially change your whole success paradigm in record time.

It's so simple and not many will do it, because it requires a whole change of the way you live and work.

Show up as your future, already successful self.

Yep. Rather than trying to become that super successful person you dream of becoming. You show up as her now, today. “Ok”, I hear you say, “how do I show up as successful before I am?”

When you harness the most powerful dynamic of good old Law Of Attraction – you begin to live your projected success before you see it. That doesn't mean rushing out to buy a Gucci watch before you can afford it, it means tuning into the energetic vibration of your future self who is nailing it and living from that vibe. That is not woo, it's science.

The more you take on the thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviors of that great leader you see yourself as, the faster you will become her.

You see the real key to success is not to strive to get to some point but to use all of your personal superpowers to act as if you are already there. That means quite simply that your mind, body and soul are all in agreement with each other.

Athletes and sportsmen use this technique all the time. In fact it has been proved that they couldn't achieve sublime results if they didn't. They are trained to project themselves into their desired results and outcomes. With their whole being.

In golf, it's the same. You have to begin your swing, feeling exactly how you're going to feel when that tiny little ball rolls near its target. That's a total, whole being commitment. Many a high performing business leader will swear by this technique.

So how do you use your own natural superpowers for your own results and desired outcomes?

Well it's incredibly practical:

1. You get up every morning and do the things that your future successful self will do. You get up at the time she is going to, you dress, eat, talk, organize your world, schedule your work, communicate, plan, have your sales calls, manage your household, conduct your relationships as the awesome visionary leader you aspire to. You cease trying to get to her, and live from her persona energy and time-plan.

2. You learn to detach from the outcome. In other words, you give yourself full permission to fall down, fail, be slow, have bad days, cry, write shitty blogs, mess up your lives, forget your appointments and not meet your financial goals. Now that may sound contradictory but actually it's a highly powerful dynamic. You see if you are relentless about the first part of this, unforgiving of yourself, judgmental, critical, you will be in resistance. And it will exhaust you. Or make you sick. In fact that is why so many entrepreneurs give up. If they can't see themselves making progress they get discouraged.

But if you act from a place of clear, strong, inspired, calm expectation, whilst maintaining a loving, neutral 'holding space' in your thoughts, towards your own progress, you activate within yourself a dynamic of truly mighty power. You actually tap into your powers as creator of your own reality, both the artist of your success, and the loving observer of that artistry.

Your vibe and energy must be aligned with your visions in order for you to reach them. This is the way you can achieve that alignment and accelerate your goals. This is the way you will make not just an energetic impact, but you will have Likes and Follows a- plenty. This is the way you get speaking engagements, guest spots on podcasts, authoring deals. Ideal clients can only see you and hear you, out there on the cyber ocean if you act as the great leader they are looking for. Does that make sense? Every day that you show up with the confidence, clarity, charisma of the superstar you see yourself as, is a day closer to the aspirations you hold dear, to the lifestyle of your dreams. Your own Iconic Life.

Does it take practice? Yes it does and it's also an art and science that you can learn. Create Your Iconic Life is a model that I have developed to fully support you in learning that art and science, rapidly and with fun and instant results!

Find out how you can jump straight into your own Iconic Lifestyle right away!



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