Branding Do’s and Don’ts: How To Have Your Audience Say “YES”


If you have been around the sales community long enough, the old adage “A confused mind never buys.” is one you have heard over and over again. Though very wise words all on its own, the truth is the reason why people say no is because the pleasure of the result doesn’t out way the pain of the purchase.

And though a “yes” is good enough. The truth is that deep down we want that unapologetic, brazen “YES!” We don’t want to have to “convince” our audience to say “yes” we want our audience asking us “ how do I sign up.”

Here are a few do’s and don'ts to make that possible and to have more “yeses” in the sales process:

Do: Remember what you are really selling. You aren’t selling a product or service. You aren’t selling the tangible results. You are selling the transformation of their life, mindset, and living a life free of the burden, insecurities, and fear they currently hold.

Do: Always be nurturing the relationship. If you are always engaging with your audience you don’t have to worry about having enough people listening when it comes to “launch time.” When you are the constant source, you are the "go to" source.

Do: Be future focused and action oriented. You aren’t selling the now. You are selling the near future once your work or product is being embodied. Sell the future and give them steps your audience needs to take to get there.

Don’t: Be longwinded. Long sales copy is long gone and dead- especially if your audience already knows you. Embody your expert status by concisely sharing your message. Showing your wisdom isn’t about being long winded.

Don’t: Feel The Pain. The old school marketing mindset of “feeling the pain” uses our audiences primal brain to their disadvantage. It also begins the relationship out on an inferior plane. Yes, you must decide are you about creating empowering relationships or do just want the quick cash.

Don’t: Give Options. Too many options and the human brain shorts out. Plus as the expert you should always be offering only the best. So if you have 3 options that are all good than share them, but if you only have the one offer that fits your audience's need, then just share that one. Share the best and tell your audience why they need the best.