When Less Help Is More Help


Maybe it is because many of us were raised in the West. Maybe it is because as human beings that we are primally hardwired to never want to be without. But our need for more can totally screw us when it comes to building a team.

Many times we think if we had more people, more help, that we could do more, achieve more, be more. That if we had more people helping then you would have more time to not work so hard, do what you want, and just chill. Yet, more isn’t always better. More people doesn’t just mean more success. It also means more salaries, more dynamics more managing, and more drama. Many times you have simply traded off one-time consuming task for another.

Before you hire you have to know what you are really hiring for.

Far too often we try to hire for areas in which we can only do or that we still need to do. For example, passing off the messaging of your business when you are still developing yourself means that you gave total control to someone who works for you. And essentially now you and your brand do as they say not as you say.

You still have to own, run, and protect your business at all cost. But you don’t have to clean your house, or plan your vacation, or bring your pet to the vet. Yes, when considering hiring stop thinking about help only as business roles. Your life and business blend together and on many levels so should your staff.

Plus finding people to help clean the house, cook, and walk the dog are much easier tasks to fill than to find someone to be the marketing genius behind your brand. Stop thinking you need a staff of hundreds to get your message out there. And start realizing that you may just need a mighty band of a few who support you as a whole person not just the professional roles that you play.