Who doesn’t love to be organized? Or at least the idea of being organized? The obsession with organization is growing daily. From our love affair with the Container Store, to seeing celebrity closets all neatly organized, to our obsession with day planners- organization is more than buzz- it’s big business.

Our cultural obsession with organization is no surprise because organization speaks to our biology and psychology. It is Neuro Human Branding® in action perfectly. Here is why.

● Naturally, we love order. Order and in turn organization fulfills our innate human need for certainty.

● Everything needs to have its place which biologically speaking means that there is room and freedom in our physical space. Allowing us to move and escape as needed. Yep, fight or flight in action.

● Plus organization allows our subconscious mind to go into autopilot - which it loves.

● Organization is beautiful because many times we naturally create thirds within the way we organize.

● Many of us hold the social story that the “organized” person is the successful person.

● And lastly, organization is all about being in control which becomes more popular when as a society we feel out of control.

What does this mean for your brand?

This means that sharing systems, structures, and process - aka organization- is a must. It means that all visuals be it a paper copy of the bill or the final closeout documents with all the deliverables need to be neat and organized.

When we can create this order and in turn give our audience the control they are looking for our brands can tap into what makes organization such a popular trend: certainty and control.