No one wants to be the stressed out, overworked, last minute kind of person who is just running around like a crazy fool in a constant of being behind- yet that’s how many of us entrepreneurs live.

We feel this chaos because we have too many ideas, too many things to do, too many responsibilities, but the truth is this way life is on many levels viewed as a mark of success and protection. Because let’s be real, no one is going to bother the person that looks like they are overwhelmed and overworked.

And there lies the problem.

No one is going to bother the person who is overwhelmed and overworked including new clients, new opportunities, and all of the positive juju meant to be coming your way.

Let’s shed the identity overwhelm (because honestly, it is killing you) and let’s transform the impressions you make from Tasmanian devil into totally grounded. Yes, you can be that grounded, wise, badass, who everyone looks up to and wants to work with. All we have to do is ground you.

The idea of “grounding” can happen in many ways. Depending upon your lifestyle, choose a combo of ways that works best for you.

● Walk barefoot in nature

● Spend 20 minutes outside daily

● Daydream

● Journal through your emotions

● Dress for the person you are becoming

● Be clear about your intentions

● Move and breathe

Yes, just the simple act of moving and breathing can help you stay grounded when you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Best of all, no matter where you are or what situation you are in walking around, standing up, and taking a deep breath is all possible.

Overwhelm can happen to the best of us, but living in it and working from it doesn’t create the impact and influence we are looking to have. So ground yourself for you and all that you influence.