We all know that owning who we truly are is the key to our success.

Yet we simply don’t do it.

Now, if I would ask you, do you fully own who you are and what you do, you would tell me. “Yes!” And you would mean it.

We think we play big, are all in, and truly, unapologetically are our authentic selves. Most of us are oblivious to the stories that hold us back, the unnecessary apologies we make for the sake of other’s feelings, the down playing or lack of mentioning at all of our success because we don’t want to ___ (fill in the blank with whatever story is the one driving you).

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I can remember when my second book hit the 3x best seller status. I mentioned it very matter of factly to my husband (at the time) and we both went along with our day. No celebration. No congratulations. It was as if I got the car washed and back in the garage before it rained.

Whatever your story may be, good girls don’t gloat or brag, if I was a true success people would see and celebrate my greatness for me, If I truly stand in who I am I may make others feel less than or insecure, leaders are all about their team not their personal successes.

I say this lovingly to you (and to me), “Absolute bullshit.”

If we don’t love our lives, our work, our relationships, this world if there is one thing that you would want done or said differently than us not truly owning who we are, the greatness in our work, unapologetically standing in our strength and wisdom is us allowing all that we don’t want to continue to continue because …..

Can I be real?

We don’t step up because we selfishly don’t want the backlash more than we want the success in our relationships, community, and the world.

So say “F* you” to the stories in your head and say hello to stepping into owning your greatness and your brilliance.

Much Love,

Ali Craig


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