Do you love your business? Do you love your clients, your brand, your staff, your peeps?

Like any relationship, I find that there are moments of bliss and moments of piss no matter how perfect a relationship seems to be. Yet far too often, we get years into our business and we think “Is this really it?”

“Did I choose this or did it choose me?”

Fourteen years into my career working in the field of branding, I got divorced. Nothing like the end of one relationship to have you question all relationships. (Can a sista’ get an “Amen” here?”)

On many levels I felt stuck. I felt stuck with the business, the responsibilities, the commitments, the staff- I felt like I was in quicksand. And that moving wasn’t the smart move to make. I remember asking myself countless times, “Is this the career I want?,” “ Is this the business I want?,” “Is this the brand I want?”

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I think we all get to this phase of our businesses where the ordinary seems, well, ordinary. And we think that is not why we signed up for this gig.

If you find yourself here, don’t fret. We got ya!

This entire issue is dedicated into falling back in love with your business, brand, and yourself.

And if by chance, you are wondering how I got out of that tailspin of confusion- I did what my Mom said to do and took the advice I always give my branding clients. “If you don’t love at least 90% of what you do in and for your brand day in and day out- you have the wrong brand.” So yes, a bit of course correction was in order.

This issue will help you rediscover your way or have that fire burning even brighter for what you do.

I hope you enjoy.

Ali Craig


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