The new year is upon us. Such times bring excitement and hesitation. Excitement of the possibilities. Hesitation around

“Oh, sh*t can I really do this?”

This mix is common I think. Almost like a yin and yang- can’t have one without the other.

One of the biggest excitements that we have as we grow as people and brands is stepping into who we really are as people, as professionals, as wives, mothers, daughters, clients, experts, confidants,

and mentors. The realization that life is bigger, deeper, and more vast than how we had been living- if we are willing to step out into the deep.

Yet the deep can look awfully scary.

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The stories of monsters, riptides, and other things that go bump in the night- rush through our minds and bodies. We think little, ol’ us- how would we ever survive let alone thrive out in the deep.

We look at the vast and forget about the vessel - you.

Many times, we believe our smallness is our weakness- yet it truly is our strength as long as we own who we are.

My favorite story of all time is David and Goliath. As a child it scared me because I always focused on Goliath. Yet then one day, I realized how David may have seen the situation. He knew his enemy, but he knew himself better.

David stood in his own strengths. When offered formidable weapons by the King, David refused because David knew where his strengths lay and he focused on that. He stepped bravely out in his strength, with the weapons he knew worked for him (not what others thought would or should work better) and he slayed a mighty enemy by standing in his strength.

So in honor of this new year and rebirth let us all rededicate ourselves to fully stepping into who we really are: personally and professionally.

Much Love!

Ali Craig