Branding 15

Why The Human Element Always Wins.

People innately like to over complicate things. It makes us feel special that we understand or can execute this very complicated task. When it comes to branding, there is no exception. 

This is one reason why I think people tout statistics and strategies as the way to branding success so much. Because both statistics and strategies can become deeply complicated and they fail to deliver an orgasmicly amazing result. 

The truth is that the core of branding and the brand relationship are fundamentally simple. 

You as a human being want to connect with your audience, other human beings, over the common desire of your product or service aka your brand. 

Yep. it really is that simple. 

The human element is what we all have in common. No matter what you sell, you are selling it to another human being. And that alone is a great place to begin with building your brand. 

Yes, the media would love for you to believe that we are all so radically different, but we are not. As human beings, we both have similar biological, psychological, and social triggers. We both desire to be loved, valued, grow, contribute, have a little variety in life as well as know that we have people we can always count on. 

Stop complicating your brand, and always remember what it is really about - human connection.