You 15

Why Self Acceptance, Not Self Love Creates True Confidence .

I’m sure you have heard it said that you must love yourself. Personally trying to love an aspect of your personality that you don’t want won’t work out for you internally nor through the impressions you make. 

Instead of trying to love yourself, why don’t you love the aspect of who you are that you naturally do love and like those aspects that you wish you could change, but know you can’t. 

Here is why this is a better approach when it comes to fully showing up as the best version of you: 

Your body language and facial expressions will be genuine. When you are trying to lie about something your body lets everyone know. Which creates confusing nonverbal communication leaving everyone wondering where is the deception. 

It makes you hide. Your subconscious mind will make you hide. This could be that you “all of a sudden get sick” or that you are incapable of talking intellectually about a topic. Both not good for being the best version of you. 

You come across as an ass. No one is superhuman. No one is perfect. Pretending to make people perceive you as unreasonable and 

arrogant. Instead be honest on the areas that you wish you could change, but be clear that they may not be perfect characteristics but they do come in handy too.