Marketing 15

Why Relationships Will Always Win

If you have been following the marketing gurus, they can’t stop praising two things: AI (artificial 

intelligence) and automation. To them, these are the holy grails to marketing’s future. 

And let’s be honest both sound very sexy. I don’t have to think. This program, this software will 

interact with my audience. It will know what to say, what to offer, and what to show them. I can just set it and forget. 

Sounds like a fabulous solution to all of us over-worked marketers who can't show ROI fast enough. 

Both AI and automation fail to execute the intent of marketing- creating a relationship. 

Though programmed to behave like a human, AI and automation marketing can never truly succeed 

because it is not human. But here is where AI and automation wins - because we as marketers don’t care. 

We care about the results, but we don’t care about the relationships, the people, or the bigger picture at play. 

We must become less obsessed with ROI, numbers, and instant sales, and more concerned about the lives our brands touch and the hearts, minds, and souls within. 

Yes, caring isn’t sexy like AI and automation. Caring is dirty, messy, and can be thankless for a long 

period of time. But caring is what creates 

connections and in turn relationships. And it is that- relationships - that, in the end, will win every time.