Branding 15

Why Making Someone Smile Equals Sale Success

Most of us get awfully serious when it comes to our brand’s visuals. The image, video, or packaging must show how good, strong, successful this product or service is and in turn makes our end consumer. 

Though caring about your brand visuals is very important, we need to remember what they are really there for - ways to connect with our audience. And with that in mind, we realize that seriously doesn’t always sell. 

You can show and share all of the logistics and strengths of your brand, but that intellectual know how doesn’t do as much as making someone smile. Yep, simply being hu-morous, fun-loving, quirky, or just simply smiling at some-one creates a biological as well as psychological reaction to having your audience trust you, want to engage with you, as well as have them feel happier about you, the brand, and themselves. 

So, before you take the serious, straight-laced route with your visuals, find a way to make your audience smile. And trust me you will be feeling the brand love.