Marketing 15

Why Giving A Damn Is The Sexiest Thing You Can Do

Grow your numbers, grow your list, grow your open rate, grow your opt-in rate- we are obsessed with growth. Yet when we are focused on growth, we are solely focused on ourselves. 

We are focused on me, me, me, me, me. So why would any-one want to be part of that party? 

They don’t. Hints why your marketing isn’t growing. Your reach isn’t growing. Your numbers aren’t growing. And your opt-in rates are obsolete. 

Just like you love yourself, your audience loves themselves too. Your audience wants people to engage with them. Your audience wants people to like, comment, post, and heart on every post they have to say. 

But if you go around hearting everything your audience posts (1) you will do nothing else within the day and (2) you will be their follower not vice versa. 

So how can you show the love while still owning your expert status? 

Truly care about your audience. Learn about who they are, what they want within your brand as well as outside of your brand. 

Tag. Tag them in posts that are relevant to them and be very specific about it. No one wants to be tagged in a sales post or by a brand that they don’t really know. So be specific.